Syamaprasad College

(Affiliated to University of Calcutta, NAAC Acrediated ``B")
Main: 92, SP Mukherjee Road & Annex: 5B, R Dasgupta Road, Kolkata 700-026

(033) 2455-1738/7671,


NAAC Guidelines

1As per the Guidelines, all the HEIs need to submit AQAR online. Submitting AQAR by e-mail/hard copy is not be accepted w.e.f 1st January 2019.
2HEIs which have not yet registered to the online portal of NAAC need to follow the registration process and be requested to register immediately.
3This is applicable to all HEIs which have been accredited by NAAC. Those who are not registered to the online portal are not able to submit the AQAR. (For further details of the registration process, kindly refer to NAAC Website – Apply online page).
4After registration, the AQAR will be available in the HEI portal, under the Manage AQAR menu.
5The academic year displayed in the portal under the Manage AQAR menu for filling AQAR does not consider the reports submitted earlier by email.
6After submission of AQAR, it will be verified by NAAC and clarification may be asked regarding the data/information provided in the AQAR.
7During the clarification period, the HEIs can edit their AQAR based on the clarification requested or may provide the reason for 0/Nil data for any of the metrics, in the response box and re-submit the AQAR.
8The last date for submission of response will be 15 days from the date of clarification requested.
9After re-verification of the response submitted by HEI, the AQAR will be accepted.
10For each cycle of accreditation with a validity period of 5 years, HEIs have to submit only 4 AQARs.
11In case of extended validity by NAAC for HEIs with ‘A’ grade in three consecutive cycles, wherein the validity period is increased to 7, the HEIs have to submit 6 AQARs.

Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR)

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