Department of Biological Sciences

As a new department ‘Biological Sciences’ has started its operation in this college only in 2017-2018 academic sessions with Botany, Physiology and Zoology. By this time the department has a batch of students ready to appear in the part-III of the earlier (1+1+1) system. In the meantime the department has kept itself busy with the semester students, a modification in the university education system, from 2018-2019 academic sessions.

Courses Offered

At the present point of time the department of Biological Sciences offers graduation courses B.Sc. (General) covering syllabi in Physiology, Zoology and Botany following CBCS syllabus consisting of 6-semesters as recommended by the affiliating university.

Class schedule

Classes of the Biological Science section start at 11AM and continue till 4.30 PM. Students, who get admission in the Biological Science learn Zoology, Botany and Physiology in the theoretical classes as well as in the laboratories.

Ambience of the Department

The department is practically restricted in the lecture halls and the laboratory. The teachers however enjoy a general teachers’ room where they can interact or exchange views. Right now the department of Botany, Physiology and Zoology are being looked after by Dr.Parimal Nag, Ph.D., Dr. Samir Kumar Ghosh, Ph.D. and Dr. Nabakanta Jana, Ph.D. respectively.All the three guest faculties are retired associate professors with an average 30 years teaching experience in relevant subjects. While holding classes, in addition to classical method of board-teaching, computer aided teaching is also offered to the students using internet. Students are also encouraged for field studies because the department considers it as a mean to develop good student-teacher relationship on the top of its inclusion in the Calcutta University syllabus.

Laboratory facilities

All the three departments of Biological Sciences share a common laboratory of approximately 500 sq.ft. area which has appropriate sharing design by itself. The laboratory is well fitted with working tables all around and a beautiful glass top office table which the teachers mainly use for administrative works including instruction giving during practical classes. The laboratory is equipped with almost all the necessary chemicals, glass goods and instruments and a few more are in the pipeline awaiting ordering protocol to be completed.

Internal Assessment

The department follows a method of sudden mock test during the regular class holding time apart from prescribed internal assessment so that students constantly can evaluate their status in relation to studies.

Future plan

At present the department of Biological Sciences is only offering B.Sc. (General)course, however with time and subsequent augmentation of infrastructural facilities, the department aims to start honours courses in individual subject (Botany, Physiology and Zoology) abiding by the newly introduced CBCS syllabus of the affiliating university.

Faculty Members

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Dr. Parimal Nag    (Botany)                                                  Guest Faculty                 

Dr. Samir Kumar Ghosh   (Physiology)                          Guest Faculty                

Dr. Nabakanta Jana         (Zoology)                                  Guest Faculty