Department of Economics

One of the most sought courses, an Honours in Economics is highly reputed and well recognised in the University. It introduces students to the basics of Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, quantitative techniques and other specialised areas like Public Finance, International Trade, Money and Financial Markets, and Indian Economy. The department is credited with highly dynamic and meritorious group of faculty, along with a vibrant and active students’ group, which regularly organizes seminars, lectures etc, giving ample opportunity to students to contribute positively to the department. Graduates can pursue a Masters course in the subject or opt for direct placement in several corporate and governmental organisations.
After being a graduate, the students are able to understand the scope, method and problems of Economics, Scarcity and choice, basic competitive model in Economics, various economic concepts-prices, profit, property rights etc.,economic systems, to explain and derive demand and supply curves, concepts of elasticity, control of prices and imposition of taxation, measurement of consumer and producers surplus, efficiency. They also find placements in different reputed economic firms throughout the country. Majority of students pursue masters programme from various institutions/universities.

List of Faculty Members


Dr. Soma Roy Adhikari

Ms. Ushashi Chakraborty

Dr. Santanu Bisai

Ms. Sangita Das


Ph. D

M. Phil

Ph. D

M. Phil


Associate Professor & Head

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

State Aided College Teacher