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Department of English

A degree in English opens up multiple vistas of career opportunities. Apart from academic research, teaching in schools and colleges, and publishing, students can also pursue jobs in Mass Communication and Journalism. With this degree, one can be an interpreter or a public relations manager or work in advertising and media. English courses boost both writing and public speaking skills, and a Bachelor’s degree programme in English Literature can equip a candidate to pursue a career in Civil Services or higher professional courses, such as, LLB (Bachelors in law), MBA (Master in Business Administration), MSW (Master in Social Work), or teachers' training courses (e.g: B.Ed, TTC). A command over the English language in addition to vernaculars can also help a student to work as a speech writer, script writer, travel writer, content writer or a blogger or pursue a career in digital media. 

The Department of English at Syamaprasad College is committed to offer holistic education to the students and cater to their growing needs. It is a well-equipped department with a dynamic teaching faculty and access to substantive library facilities with the objective to develop the skill and ability of the students. The department has organized seminars, webinars, presentations, film screenings, and different student activities from time to time as a part of a comprehensive approach to teaching and learning.

  • Learning Outcome

    After successfully completing BA English (Hons) students should be prepared for careers like media & advertising, writing & publishing, journalism, public relations, content writing & blogging, creative writing, teaching and academia, for further graduate or Professional Studies in English, communications, or law; and for other fields requiring competent communication skills.

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The students will be able –
1. To understand the range, significance and scope of English Literature and European Classical Literature.
2. To analyze Drama of the 16th, 17th and 18th Centuries, Poetry from Romantic Revival to Modern Age, Novel, Essay and Short Stories.
3. To understand distinctive features of novels, shorter fiction and essays and relate the texts and contexts to real life.
4. To distinguish the difference among American Literature, British Literature and postcolonial literature.
5. To create Critical Thinking Skill, Effective Communication, Social Interaction, Self-directed and Lifelong Learning.
6. To read, analyze, and interpret works of literature, structures and the aesthetics of style and techniques of literary works. Skills of interpretation, analysis, appreciation of literature as well as writing and presentation skills that would eventually help in careers like journalism and media, publishing, research and teaching.
7. To demonstrate knowledge and comprehension of major texts and traditions of language and literature written in English as well as their social, cultural, theoretical, and historical contexts.
8. To speak clearly, effectively, and appropriately in a public forum for a variety of audiences and purposes.

  • Faculty Members

Name Qualification Designation
Dr. Md. Abdus Selim
MA, M.Phil, PhD
Assistant Professor, HOD
Dr. Suchismita Biswas Mitra
M.A, Ph.D
Associate Professor
Damini Ray
M.A, M.Phil
Assistant Professor
Priya Middey
Anurima Paul
MA, Ad. Diploma in French

Short Bio

Dr Suchismita Mitra

Short Profile: Dr. Suchismita Biswas Mitra is an Associate Professor in the Department of English. She graduated from Bethune College, and pursued Masters in English from the University of Calcutta. She completed her Ph.D. from the University of Burdwan, on the topic, ‘A Study of Joseph Conrad’s Novels as a Critique of Colonialism’. She has formerly served as an Assistant Professor at M.U.C. Women’s College, Burdwan.

Dr. Md. Abdus Selim

Short Profile: Dr. Md. Abdus Selim is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English, Syamaprasad College. After graduating from Rabindra Bharati University with English Honours and securing the First Class First position he completed his Post Graduate Degree in English from Burdwan University with First Class. Then he took MPhil Degree from Rabindra Bharati University. The title of his dissertation was “Synge’s Aran Islands in Riders to the Sea and Rural Sundarbans: A Comparative Study of the Relationship between Man and Nature”.  He has been awarded the PhD Degree from Aliah University. His thesis is entitled ” Folklore, Ecology, Theatre: A Study of J. M. Synge’s Plays”. Before joining Syamaprasad College he also served as an Assistant Professor, Department of English, Salboni Govt. College.

Damini Ray

Short Profile: Damini Ray is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English. She graduated from Loreto College and completed her Masters in English from Calcutta University with First Class. She was a Junior Research Fellow in the M.Phil Programme of Calcutta University. She secured the First Class First position in M.Phil and her area of specialization was ‘Feminist Science Fiction’. She is particularly interested in Popular Literature, Speculative Fiction, and Women Studies.

Priya Middey

Short Profile: Priya Middey is a State-Aided College Teacher in the Department of English. After graduating from St. Xaviers College with Honours in English, she completed her Master’s in English from Calcutta University and B.Ed. from St. Xavier’s College. She qualified in the NET examination for Lectureship. She has previously served as a Guest Lecturer at ‘Sarsuna College’ and ‘Sir Gurudas Mahavidyalaya.’

Anurima Paul

Short Profile: Anurima Paul is a State-Aided College Teacher in the Department of English. She graduated from Women’s Christian College securing the first class first position in English Honours. She then completed her M.A. in English from the University of Calcutta and qualified NET the following year. She has an Advanced Diploma in French language to her credit which she has obtained from Ramakrishna Mission, Golpark. She has also taught English language at the said institution.