Environmental Science

A knowledge about environment provides students with an understanding of Earth’s living and physical environment, processes that operate within the environment, as well as the nature and mitigation of human impact on the environment – from local to global scales.
Department of Environmental Science, Syamaprasad College offer Environmental Studies as an Ability Enhancing Compulsory Course in the Choice Based Credit System of the undergraduate study courses in this college. Environmental Club, commenced from August, 2018; is a part of this department where the teachers and the students from different departments, as member of the club, together serve for environmental purposes. The Environmental Club work in collaboration with an ENGO named EARTH functioning country-wide since 2013 on different environmental aspects.
Along with course study, the students are encouraged to join different activities on environmental issues like plantation, cleaning the college campus and surrounding, poster competition etc. organised by the Environmental Club. The college is equipped with a smart classroom where the students learn through audio visual supports like famous lectures, case studies, documentaries and movies on environment. After learning Environmental Studies as a part of their bachelor degree courses, the students of all the discipline will be aware of their actions which might, at micro level, lead to current environmental problems, sprayed awareness, be able to control and manage it with feasible, creative, scientific ideas and précised determination which will raise them to be responsible citizen. The course prepares the students to pursue higher studies in Environmental Studies, Environmental Science, Environmental, Health and Safety in universities in India and abroad and join industries as environment officer, universities as professor, as environment specialist in corporate sector, eco-worker in ENGOs like WWF, Greenpeace, Conservation International etc.

Faculty Directory

1Dr. Indranil GhoshPh. D.Part Time Teacher (Govt. Approved)
2Dr. Sarmistha SahaPh. D.Guest Lecturer