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(Affiliated to University of Calcutta, NAAC Acrediated ``B")
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Kanyashree Prakalpa

A Project by Government of West Bengal to provide scholarship to Unmarried Female Students having joint family income less than 1,20,000/- started in 2013. There are two category of scholarships K1 and K2. All the students having age 13years to upto 18years are eligible to apply for K1 and all the students having age greater than 18years and within 19years are eligible to apply for K2.
A student can get maximum Rs. 25,000/-(one time grant) under K2 in a year and can get Rs. 750/- (every year) under K1 in a year.
To support the student we have dedicated a counter to serve the student maximum. Any eligible college students(female) can apply for the scholarship under the Kanyashree Prakalpa on every working day.

Venue : Syamaprasad College

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Kanyashree Prakalpa