The college has a well – equipped library under the charge of an experienced Librarian. The total number of books are around twenty five thousand (25,000). The books are classified according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System and cataloguing is done by AACR2 Method.

A good number of journals, periodicals and magazines, both of general and specialised interesta, are subscribed to by the Library for the use of teachers and students. A magazine corner is going to be installed in the Library for the use of students.

For home use, general course students may borrow one book (Volume) at a time against the borrower’s card and retain it for a fortnight. Honours students are permitted to borrow two books at a time. Students failing to return books within the permissible period are fined Re.1 for each day’s delay and no book will further be issued to them without the Principal’s permission.

Books and magazines may also be borrowed against the Reference Card for use in the Reading Room in leisure period. But such books or magazines must on no account be taken out of the Reading Room.

Borrowers are responsible for the books or magazines issued to them and they are strictly forbidden to lend them to others. Defacting and multilating books by scribbling or any other way is liable to punishment. Books lost or damaged by the borrower will have to be replaced at his / her cost.

Students must maintain strict silence in the Library. They are liable to be expelled from Library for any breach of discipline.

Syamaprasad College has two campus. Main campus is on 92, S. P. Mukherjee Rd., and the Annexe Campus is on Rajeswar Dasgupta Rd., just behind main campus.

On the 3rd floor of the main campus, the Central Library is located in two large rooms. One would find there thousands of books for the Hons. courses of Accounting and Finance, Marketing, English, Bengali, Education, Mathematics, Economics, Geography and general papers like History, Philosophy, English, Bengali, Sanskrit, French, Hindi, Political Science, Economics, Education, Mathematics, Statistics, etc.

There is a Reading Room for the students [Accommodation 20+] on the left of the entrace. On the opposite, there Library Admission and Renewal Counters.

Syamaprasad College Library Lending Section stacks are open to the students for browsing and selecting their Books. But the Librarian has in his discretion the power to restrain the entry of the students for safety and security reasons as and when required. The students must maintain the discipline of the library. They must not shout, loiter, talk loud and are to co-operate with the counter – staff in their own interest.


Librarian: Sourav Chatterjee, MLIS,M.Phil, UGC-NET