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Notification related Online Even Semester – 2021 Admission – Feedback



Students who could not take admission to even semester (2nd, 4th & 6th) are hereby directed to fill up the following Google form which will be active till 4th of July 2021 (2:00pm).

Link for Google form;


Note: This notice has been issued in the best interest of the students who had faced problem while seeking admission to even semester -2021 against the notification order (Notice no: 20210402/SPC/N-ADM-01, dated 02/04/2021).


Caution: To open the Google form it is important that you have already logged in to your browser (Computer/Mobile) using your Gmail account.

Please Note: This is only for those students who could not take admission;

The students who have taken admission earlier against the notification (Notice no: 20210402/SPC/N-ADM-01, dated 02/04/2021) may ignore this notification.


Click here for the detailed notification in pdf format – 2,4 and 6 admission feedback 03.07.2021