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Tender – Notification Dated 13/06/2021

Tender Notification – Online Admission Portal – 2021

The Syamaprasad College intends to launch an Online Admission Portal – 2021. The details of the requirements for the portal are highlighted in a PDF file which can be downloaded from the link given at the end of this notification. The online admission portal must be developed according to the given instructions.

All the concerned and interested Software Developer vendors / Companies are hereby requested to upload a quotation in PDF (max file-size – 250KB) through the link in the uploading section given at the end of the notification.

The uploading of the quotations and relevant documents will be allowed till 18th of June 2021 (till 11.59pm). The College authority reserves the rights to process, finalize, cancel, terminate or modify the above notified tender dated 13/06/2021 bearing notice no:20210613/SPC/OADM-2021/1-N as and when required in future. The College authority decision regarding it will be final.

The College authority depending upon the need will establish communication with the shortlisted / selected companies / vendors for clarification or demonstration of the portal from the company.

Such communication will be done through the registered contact email/contact number of the company.

The company / vendors who are willing to comply to such conditions may apply with in the time frame provided.

No other means of communication or receiving quotation is possible during this pandemic situation, hence quotations received after the due date and in other forms will be rejected or will not be entertained. In such situations again the College authority reserves the rights for any action deemed suitable.

Click here to see the Tender Notification 13062021 in PDF.