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Dear Student Members of Environment Club,

As you know, the first week of July is celebrated as Van Mahotsav week, where we are encouraged to plant trees to replenish the green cover of our planet. For environment lovers like us, all 365 days should be celebrated as Van Mahotsav. Due to the pandemic, we cannot organize anything on our college campus. You are thus requested to plant tree saplings in your locality. This will be your first activity as a member of the Environment Club. While undertaking the activity, please keep the following points in mind:

a. Please take photos while planting the sapling. You have to take photographs of you tending to the plant. Please also encourage your neighbors to plant at least a tree.

b. Please take photographs of the plant you have planted to show its growth.

c. Please keep uploading the photos in the link given below (Up to 2 months).

d. Mention the common name (and scientific names if possible) of the plant that you are planting

Please note that any willing students can participate in this program, even if you are not a member of Environment Club.
We are looking forward to your participation in enriching our environment,

Dear student members.
Best wishes,
Environment Cell
Link for photograph upload:


Click here for the detailed notification: TREE PLANTATION JULY 2021 ACTIVITY 1 OF 21-22