Syamaprasad College

(Affiliated to University of Calcutta, NAAC Acrediated ``B")
Main: 92, SP Mukherjee Road & Annex: 5B, R Dasgupta Road, Kolkata 700-026

(033) 2455-1738/7671,

“Urgent”- Postponement of Semester 1, B.A. Honours, Internal Examinations (CC-1 & CC-2)


Notice date: 30/01/2022


This is to notify all concerned that due to unavoidable circumstances, the B.A. Honours, Internal Examinations for CC 1 & CC 2 have been postponed.

They will now be held on the 4th of February 2023 (Saturday), instead of 03/02/2023 between 4 pm & 5 pm.


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