Political Science

The department offers both Honours and General Courses to B.A students. It prepares the students on a wide gamut of issues and areas ranging from, but not limited to, Political Theory; the Constitution of India; the Constitution of USA, France, Russia, UK, Switzerland, etc; Indian Political Thought; Western Political Thought; Comparative Politics and Government; International Relations; Political Sociology; Public Administration and the like. The subject Political Science is indispensable for all competitive examinations and the classes are so designed keeping in mind the necessity of preparing the students for the larger job opportunities. The Department organizes ‘Youth Parliament’, special talk by eminent Professors, students’ seminar and such other co- curricular activities. Apart from the regular chalk-and-talk method of teaching, it makes use of the smart classroom and other digital tools to disseminate important information and class lectures in an attractive way. Moreover, through regular internal assessment (written) and demo- lecture practice by students, it strives to generate greater confidence in the students. The curriculum and the classes are so designed that it will prepare the students for civil service, teaching opportunities and job openings in the field of Jurisprudence.

Faculty Directory

Name Qualification Designation Email
1 Dr. Tilottama Mukherjee Ph. D. Assistant Professor, Head  
2 Ms. Sukanya Manna M.A, M. Phil State Aided College Teacher  
3 Ms. Panna Ghosh M.A State Aided College Teacher