Welcome To Syamaprasad College

Syamaprasad College, founded by Dr. Syamaprasad Mukherjee, came into existence in the city immediately after the end of World War II in 1945. It was then styled as Asutosh College of Commerce (evening section). So this college has its genesis in Asutosh College and has primarily been designed to meet the growing demand for higher education in Commerce among the emploted youth. This Evening Section was delinked from Asutosh College and acquired the status of a full-fledged independent college in 1958 with a separate Principal and separate management (i.e. Governing Body) under instruction from University Grants Commission and with the approval & affiliation of University of Calcutta. After the immature demise of Dr. Mukherjee, the ex-Vice Chancellor, Calcutta University resolved to perpetuate the memory of Dr. Mukherjee by renaming the college founded by him as ``SYAMAPRASAD COLLEGE`` in 1962.

Our Vision

To be one among Country’s Most Admired Educational Institutions.

Our Mission

  • To stimulate academic environment for the promotion of quality teaching – learning in the Institution.
  • To encourage self-evaluation, accountability, creativity and self-discipline.
  • To publish research studies, to undertake consultancy, training programmes, seminars, etc.
  • To maintain crystal – like transparency in all aspects through good governance.

Our Values

  • Inculcating a value system in the students.
  • Fostering local, national and global competencies among the students.
  • Shouldering social responsibilities.

Our Philosophy

This college aims at educating young men and women of quality to be leaders in all works of life, whom we hope will play a vital role in bringing about the desired changes for the betterment of the people of the universe. It consistently and constantly works to form the students as competent, Committed, creative, and compassionate men and women for and with others.




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