Syamaprasad College

(Affiliated to University of Calcutta, NAAC Acrediated ``B")
Main: 92, SP Mukherjee Road & Annex: 5B, R Dasgupta Road, Kolkata 700-026

(033) 2455-1738/7671,

UG Admission Notice

113/07/2022Online admissions for the Academic Session 2022-23 to all UG CoursesView/Download
217/07/2022Online Admission Portal (UG Courses) to open from 18/07/2022View/Download
307/08/2022Online Admission Portal – ClosedView/Download
414/08/2022Merit List and Admission Procedure – 2022-23View/Download
516/08/2022Phase-1, Merit List and procedure of Seat reporting/bookingView/Download
617/08/2022Phase-1, Provisional Merit List & commencement of Seat reporting/booking procedure.View/Download
719/08/2022Complete list of Applicants Booked/Reported Seat on 17/08/2022 & 18/08/2022View/Download
819/08/2022Provisional admission list – 1, 2022View/Download
924/08/2022Provisional admission list – 2, 2022View/Download
1028/08/2022Provisional admission list – 3, 2022View/Download
1129/08/2022Seat Booking/Reporting (Only for Reserved Category applicants)-29/08/2022View/Download
1229/08/2022Date extension for Paying Admission Fee against, Provisional Admission List-3View/Download
1301/09/2022Provisional Admission List-4, 2022View/Download
1401/09/2022Online Provisional Admission (Recall – Reserved Category)View/Download
15 02/09/2022Provisional Admission List – 5View/Download
1603/9/2022Seat Booking/Reporting – Recall for Phase-1, merit-listed candidatesView/Download
1704/09/2022Provisional Admission List – 6View/Download
1807/09/2022Provisional Admission List – 7View/Download
1907/09/2022All Seat Reported/Booked Applicants against notification: No: 20220903/SPC/SB/RECALL, dated 03.09.2022View/Download
2008/09/2022Provisional Admission list-8View/Download
2108/09/2022Provisional Admission list -2 (RECALL-ALL) against notification 20220903/SPC/SB/RECALL, dated 03.09.2022View/Download
2210/09/2022Provisional Admission list-9View/Download
2312/09/2022Provisional Admission list-10View/Download
2413/09/2022Provisional Admission list-11View/Download
2514/09/2022Reopening of Online Admission Portal with effect from 15/09/2022 till 16/09/2022View/Download
2615/09/2022Cancellation of Admission (UG Course- Semester – 1)View/Download
2722/09/2022Phase-2, Merit ListView/Download
2823/09/2022Phase-2, Provisional Admission list – 1, 2022-23View/Download
2924/09/2022Phase-2, Provisional Admission list – 2, 2022-23View/Download
3025/09/2022Phase-2, Provisional Admission list – 3, 2022-23View/Download
3126/09/2022Phase-2, Provisional Admission list – 4, 2022-23View/Download
3227/09/2022Phase-2, Provisional Admission list – 5, 2022-23View/Download
3327/09/2022Seat Reporting/Booking only for Phase-2 Merit Listed ApplicantsView/Download
3428/09/2022Phase-2, Provisional Admission list – 6, 2022-23View/Download
3528/09/2022Phase-2, Provisional Admission list – 6(RE), 2022-23View/Download