Attention – Semester-1, 2021 CU registered students only.

Urgent Notice

Date: 15/12/2021


The students whose names are mentioned below are hereby advised to fill up the google form to provide the necessary details and reasons for taking online provisional admission-2021 to UG Courses offered by Syamaprasad College after getting registered under the University of Calcutta earlier.

Before filling up the details students are required to keep the following documents;

  1. PDF of the Online application form (500KB or less).
  2. PDF of ID proof (Adhaar/ PAN card/ Voter ID card / Student Identity Card (school last attended) – (500KB or less)
  3. PDF of registration certificate issued by the University of Calcutta (500KB or less).


Following are the students who are required to furnish the details.


Sl. No. Application  ID College Roll COURSE/SUBJECT CU Form_Number CU_Reg_Number Student_Name
1 0162021S1SG005743 21111BIO-1/002 B Sc Gen   Bio 0160003 563-1111-1146-19 SAYERI ROY
2 0162021S1AG005335 21105-1/034 B A  Gen 0160030 011-1211-0667-17 RAUSHAN JAHAN
3 0162021S1BG006649 21103-1/161 B Com  Gen 0160425 021-1212-0408-19 SUSHMA CHOUDHARY
4 0162021S1BH006586 21101-1/087 B Com  Hons  Accounting and Finance 0160581 161-1110-060-17 Prithvi Singh
5 0162021S1BH004948 21101-1/023 B Com  Hons  Accounting and Finance 0160792 224-1112-0326-18 Suprotim Das
6 0162021S1BH005691 21101-1/595 B Com  Hons  Accounting and Finance 0161097 421-2110-165-19 ANISHA KHATOON
7 0162021S1AH007126 21104EN-1/041 B A  Hons  English 0161180 016-1111-0048-18 ANUP THAKUR
8 0162021S1AH007497 21104PL-1/008 B A  Hons  Political Science 0161250 132-1221-0142-16 Mousam Roy
9 0162021S1AH003836 21104HI-1/005 B A  Hons  History 0161270 442-1211-0142-19 DIPIKA SASMAL
10 0162021S1SH005846 21109-1/006 B Sc  Hons  Mathematics 0161400 016-1211-0326-19 NIPA BISWAS


To furnish the details – Click the Google form

To see the detailed notification in Pdf – Click/View/Download

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