Syamaprasad College

(Affiliated to University of Calcutta, NAAC Acrediated ``B")
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‘The Senator’ is a students’ journal published biannually by the Department of Political Science, Syamaprasad College. This is an initiative exclusively for the students of Syamaprasad College who have Political Science as their honours subject or as a general paper. The journal invites original, unpublished and preferably research- based submissions from students, either in English or Bengali. It aims to provide a platform to students to express their opinion on a given theme. They can submit research articles, prose or poetry. ‘The Senator’ welcomes quality writings or articles on Political Science and contemporary social issues . The journal was initiated for encouraging the fundamental thought in Social and Political Science. It as well puts importance on literature and literary thought. Now a day’s our contemporary society is going through the different dimensions and the journal is the way to look forward to different aspects and scopes of for the socio-political issues . ‘The Senator’ is the platform of the students and new academicians of our college for sharing their key thoughts and creations .