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(Affiliated to University of Calcutta, NAAC Acrediated ``B")
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Department of Physics

Department of Physics

Physics is one of the fundamental subjects that attracts the best minds over time. It is also a core subject which opens up the possibility for the young students to expand their horizon to move to a cutting-edge demand based subject to the concurrent world after having bachelors in Physics. The college currently offers a General Degree in Physics, but plans are underway for a Honours program, soon. The department of physics, along with the concomitant subjects promises a skilled based knowledge and a bright future for the undertaking young minds.

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Learning Outcome

The student will be able to learn the following

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Faculty Members

Department of Physics





Dr. Avijit Sen

MSc., Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Chandan Mondal



Short Bio
Dr. Avijit Sen

Dr. Avijit Sen
Assistant Professor and HOD
Ph. D. in Atomic, Molecular & Chemical Physics

Chandan Mondal

Mr. Chandan Mondal
State Aided College Teacher
M. Sc in Physics, SET Qualified.