Syamaprasad College

(Affiliated to University of Calcutta, NAAC Acrediated ``B")
Main: 92, SP Mukherjee Road & Annex: 5B, R Dasgupta Road, Kolkata 700-026

(033) 2455-1738/7671,

Infrastructure Maintenance Policy

Rules and Policies

Syamaprasad College

Policies for Infrastructure Maintenance


Security personnel are hired to maintain the security in the main and annex campus. They
provide the initial checks at entry gates of the College campus and ensure that the authorized
persons and college students are only allowed inside the campus.

House Keeping

College has deployed few personnel who take care of the cleanliness of the campus which includes cleaning of toilets. Non-teaching staff are deputed to check the house keeping of the

Electrical maintenance

All the electrical appliances and wring including the maintenance of Generator, Fan Light
and Air-conditions are carried out by trained non-teaching staff especially trained for the job.

Laboratory maintenance

Teachers and non-teaching staff take the responsibility to check and maintain the scientific
equipment’s. Periodic maintenance is carried out by qualified technicians. The equipment’s
which fail are periodically replaced with the new once following the proper procedures. The
equipment’s are checked and replacement requisition is carried out by the department
Some funds are provided to the laboratory-based departments to maintain the and upgrade
before the University examinations. These funds are provided by University of Calcutta to
keep the laboratory before the practical examinations.
We have hardware departments of Electronics, Computer Science and Physics. The college

has a Biological Sciences Laboratory shared by the three streams of Biological Science-
Botany, Zoology and Physiology.

Computers, Servers, Printers and Xerox/Copier machines of the college office and laboratory
are maintained by trained non-teaching staff duly supervised by Teachers of Department of
Computer Science.


The college has two libraries - one is the central library and the other serves exclusively as
the library for the science faculty situated in annex campus. There is a group of well-trained
library staff and an efficient librarian to look after the maintenance and the utilisation of the
Digitization of Library to be carried out using Open source library management software
“KOHA” with OPAC facility.

Sports Facility

Sports equipment’s are housed properly along with asset registers maintained by Sports
Committee comprising of Teachers and Non-Teaching Staff with student representatives.

The college hires a cricket and a football coach from time to time to train its cricket and football team which win University level competition.

Information System and Website

The college has a dynamic website along with official YouTube channel and social media
which is maintained by department of Computer Science and some trained Non-teaching staff
especially hired for such maintenance.