Research & Development

Faculty of Commerce

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Faculty of Science

Department of Computer Science

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1Cell Phone Operated Land Rover a Novel Approach2320 – 5121November 2013View/Download
2Optical detection in Biochips: A fuzzy-based detection analyzer for homogeneous samples in DMFBs978-1-4799-3669-4June 2014View/Download
3Decision-based Biochips: A novel design for concurrent execution of networked bioassays integrated in scalable DMFBs978-1-4673-7495-824 September 2015View/Download
4Heterojunction Devices And Its Application In
Field Of Electronics
2348 – 7968August 2017View/Download
5SMS Controlled Unmanned Ground Vehicle2347-2693Dec 2018View/Download
6Bio-inspired Routing in DMFB: An Artificial Swarm Propagation Based ApplicationIAIT 2020July 2020View/Download
7Emotionally Intelligent Algorithms Dealing Some Practical Combinatoria Problems2229 – 5046August 2020View/Download
8Identifying Micro-Containment Zone In A Infected
Community For Partial Lockdown An Emotionally
Intelligent Combinatorial Algorithm
2455-6211September 2021View/Download

Department of Mathematics

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1Existence and convergence results for the system of generalized mixed variational-like inequalities with multi-valued mappings” by M Rahaman, WA Mir, J Iqbal, R Ahmad, and M-M WongONLINE ISSN 1880-5221View/Download
2Cayley inclusion problem with its corresponding generalized resolvent equation problem in uniformly smooth Banach spaces” by R Ahmad, I Ali, M Rahaman, M Ishtyak, and JC Yao. Link:View/Download
3Convergence analysis and stability of perturbed three-step iterative algorithm for generalized mixed ordered quasi-variational inclusion involving XOR operator” by I Ahmad, M Rahaman, R Ahmad, I AliView/Download
4The Yosida approximation iterative technique for split monotone Yosida variational inclusions” by M Rahaman, M Ishtyak, R Ahmad, and I Ali.View/Download
5Generalized nonsmooth exponential-type vector variational-like inequalities and nonsmooth vector optimization problems in Asplund spaces” by SS Irfan, M Rahaman, I Ahmad, R Ahmad, and S Husain.View/Download
6Existence results of the system of generalized variational inequalities with multi-valued mappings” by M Rahaman, P Gupta, J Iqbal, and R Ahmad.View/Download
7Auxiliary principle technique and iterative algorithm for a perturbed system of generalized multi-valued mixed quasi-equilibrium-like problems” by M Rahaman, CT Pang, M Ishtyak, and R Ahmad.View/Download
8Relaxed η-proximal Operator for Solving a Variational-Like Inclusion Problem” by M Rahaman, R Ahmad, M Dilshad, and I Ahmad.View/Download
9Generalized vector complementarity problem with fuzzy mappings” A Kılıçman, R Ahmad and M Rahaman.View/Download
10Generalized strongly vector equilibrium problem for set-valued mappings” by R Ahmad and M RahamanView/Download

Faculty of Arts

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