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Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics of Syamaprasad College was established in the year 1998 and Since its inception, the Department has always been a unit of appreciation by its quality of teaching. A galaxy of Mathematicians has adorned the department all the time. Along with the vigorous academic activity, the department does also excel in teaching. The department can live up to the expectations of serious students all the time and in all the days to come. The department has gradually developed a culture of exchanging mathematical ideas through organizing seminars as well as continuous interaction among the faculty members, research scholars and students. The department’s regular curriculum includes special interactive classes for preparing the students to take various competitive examinations. These interactions certainly enhance their ability for solving problems and make them more confident to bag awards and honours at ease. We proudly announce that our initiative is being rewarded every year by the growing trend of success and the consistent academic achievements of our students.

The department encourages students to pursue various inter – disciplinary interests. Students can pursue various post graduate courses like M.Sc., M.C.A. and M.B.A. apart from the choice of taking up placements that are offered to them by companies that require their expertise as mathematics graduates.


Mathematics reveals its secrets only to those who approach it with pure love,

for its own beauty.


Greek mathematician

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Learning Outcome

The student will be able to learn the following

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1. To understand different kind of Differential Calculus of a single and several variables with sequences, series (finite and infinite), the differentiation of functions.

2. To apply Classical, Abstract and Linear Algebra to the solution of algebraic linear, non-linear and equations.

3. To create a skill of analytical geometry of 2 and 3 Dimensions & the different types of coordinate systems.
4. To analyze vector as a mathematic tool, linear programing and Game Theory.
5. To understand Integral Calculus and definite and improper integrals and special functions.
6. To differentiate Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations and the theory of Integral Transforms, Riemann Integration.
7. To understand and apply the theory of Probability and Statistics, Group Theory, Analytical Dynamics, Hydrostatics, Ring Theory, Mechanics.
8. To apply Analytical Statics to studies of rigid bodies in equilibrium under coplanar and non-coplanar force systems.
9. To analysis and synthesis the knowledge of Metric space and complex analysis.
10. To apply different kind of Numerical Method significantly.
11. To create a skill of C Programming Language, Mathematical Logic, Object Oriented Programming in C++, Scientific computing with Sage Math/Mathematical and MATLAB.

Faculty Members

Department of Mathematics

FacultyName Qualification Designation Email
Dr. Joydip Jana
M.Sc., Ph. D
Assistant Professor & HOD
Dr. Mijanur Rahaman
M.Sc., M. Phil., Ph. D
Assistant Professor
Ms. Soma Chatterjee
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