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Eligible Candidate List -B.A/B.Sc/B.Com(Hon/Gen/Major)-Even Semester & Part -3, Examination -2021

Eligible List of Candidates


All the eligible candidates as per the list published here are advised and directed to fill-up the online Enrollment/examination form issued by University of Calcutta without fail by 22/07/2021.

Semester – 6 Candidates; (Click on the link below)

Semester – 4 Candidates; (Click on the link below)

Semester – 2 Candidates; (Click on the link below)

Part-3 Candidates; (Click on the link below)


Procedure (in brief)

  1. Check the Eligible candidate list as attached here in this notice.
  2. Visit the Calcutta University Portal  – Click here –
  3. Select the CBCS if you are pursuing Graduation under Semester system or  1+1+1 if your are pursuing Part-3.
  4. After selecting any one of the above select the Stream BA/B.Sc or B.Com as per your stream of study.
  5. Then Select the Semester – II or IV or VI.
  6. Click on Form Submission.
  7. Enter your Registration number and first three letters of your name as given in the Webportal of Calcutta University.
  8. Carefully select the subjects and if satisfied, then submit the form.
  9. Get the printout of the Form – Sign it and scan it as first page – Registration Certificate as 2nd Page (Registration Certificate not required for Semester – 2 students) and Admission Challan as the 3rd Page. (Only for regular candidates).
  10. Submit the scanned pdf page to the college office via the Google form as was mentioned in the notice 20210711/SPC/CU/SUB/N-GE-01, dated – 11/07/2021 or use the link provided here for direct submission of your enrollment form and other details to College office through online mode (Forms are accepted through online mode only).                                                                                                                                    
  11. If you have backlog in any paper in other semester then repeat the same procedure to fill-up the Calcutta University Enrollment form for examination and submit the form and Enrollment fees challan and Registration certificate (Registration certificate – Not required for Semester – 2 students) online to college office through the above Google Form link.
  12. Note: SBI Collect is the only way of providing the admission fee and the Enrollment fee. For the same you can visit by clicking the link –